Taxes and fees

In our effort to share information with you about any additional charges that could be included in the total price of your fare, we have included a detailed explanation of the terms used and any potentially applicable taxes and fees below:

    • Travel duration: the length of time between take-off and landing
    • Base fare: the price of the ticket minus taxes and surcharges
    • Fuel charges (surcharges): the amount charged by the airlines to defray costs due to fluctuations in fuel prices
    • Taxes and fees: the airport taxes included in the ticket, tourist taxes, September 11th security fees, international taxes and tariffs, and certain additional charges imposed on international flights by the airline
    • Total fare: the cost of the ticket including the base fare, surcharges, taxes, and fees


Name and description

Applies to

Code Amount

Harmonized Sales Tax HST (RC)
Provincial Sales Tax (Ontario)

Travel from, within and to Canada



Airport Improvement Fees (AIF)

Travel from, within and to Canada



Air Travellers Security Charge

To fund the cost of new security measures introduced or to be introduced subsequent to 11 September 2001 events

Travel from, within and to Canada



International taxes and fees
Airport departure tax not applicable to Canada; foreigner taxes, inspection fees, tourism fees and security charges



Up to US$179*

Fuel Surcharge
Fuel surcharge varies depending of the destination



Up to US$410*


Taxes and fees are subject to change.
*Approximate amount