Presenting the first Boeing Sky Interior in Latin America

Presenting the first Boeing Sky Interior in Latin America

Flying as you know it, just changed with the arrival of the Boeing Next-Generation 737 with the new Sky Interior to Copa Airlines. A plane full of innovations that will make your trip more enjoyable.

We are proud to be the first airline in Latin America to have this plane, redefining the experience on board from start to finish. We continue to be at the forefront of aviation, as this is the first of 10 new airplanes the airline will receive this year.

Learn more about the features that the new Boeing Sky Interior offers you

  • A welcoming entrance
    As soon as you board the plane, you'll notice its cozy environment, product of new LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes) that gives the impression of being under a blue sky. Curved architectural design creates a more open cabin.

  • More luggage space
    The overhead compartments are wider, so you can store your luggage near your seat. Their doors turn upwards and their form enhances the cabin and makes it more spacious. With more capacity to store luggage in the overhead compartment, there's more space under the seats to stretch your legs.

  • Enhanced passenger service units
    New look with more room between the reading light switch and the button to call the flight attendant. The units also feature an integrated speaker, LED lighting system and touch screen panels on the cabin screens.

  • Modern decor
    New, modern, sculpted sidewalls and windows direct the passengers' eyes to the view outside the window, increasing the thrill of flying.

Boeing Next-Generation 737 airplanes are highly fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

These benefits are only available in our flights Montevideo-Panama, São Paulo-Panama, Rio de Janeiro-Panama, Buenos Aires-Panama and Los Angeles-Panama in both directions on board Boeing NG 737-800 aircrafts. Operational exceptions apply.

Enjoy a new travel experience!

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