Administrative fee

A US $25 per-person, non-refundable administrative fee will be charged and added to the total ticket price upon purchase of your tickets at our Sales Offices, airports and Reservations Centers. The fee doesn't apply for purchases made in Haiti, Cuba and Mexico. In some countries, local taxes may apply to said fee.

The following passengers are exempt

  • MileagePlus Premier members and their companions traveling on the same reservation and itinerary.
  • Customers who use their corporate card.
  • Customers using a travel voucher to pay for their ticket.
  • Group tickets.
  • Infant's tickets (0 - 23 months old).
  • Tickets purchased with miles.

Administrative fee in Colombia

Domestic flights

  • Purchases made at is COP $14.000 + VAT 16% (COP $2.240).
  • Purchases made at Sales Offices, Reservation Center, and the airport:


Administrative fee

VAT (16%)


One way

 COP $23.854

COP $3.817 COP $27.671
Round trip COP $43.325 COP $6.932 COP $50.256

International flights

This fee does not apply to purchases made in

Ticket range

Administrative fee

Less than or equal to US $354

US $15

Greater than US $354 up to US $590 US $28
Greater than US $590 up to US $944

US $46

Greater than US $944 US $95