Service animals

Service animals accompanying disabled persons are permitted in the airplane cabin free of charge. Copa Airlines only allows trained and certified guide dogs and monkeys on board to assist customers. All guide animals, either dogs or monkeys, must have the appropriate permits (e.g., country entry permits and vaccination certificates). On international flights, the customer must provide health certificates for their animal, issued by the appropriate authority, as well as all the necessary documents for entry into the destination country.

For domestic flights within Colombia, only a current vaccination certificate is needed. For domestic flights within Panama, owners must show proof of current vaccination and health certificate. Important that the services animals has the anti - rabies vaccine. In addition, you must carry with you the relevant permits for the city to which you are traveling. These documents must be identified with official seals. Also, we recommend that animals travel with muzzles.

To comply with security regulations, a service animal must be able to sit at the customer's feet and not take up room in the aisle. In the case of a monkey, it should be small enough to sit on the customer's lap. Emergency exit seats cannot be assigned to persons with service animals.

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