High-Season recommendations


Remember to provide your email address when making a reservation to receive notifications related to changes in your itinerary such as delays, cancellations, and gate changes.


Find out about the necessary documentation for your trip in our Immigration requirements section.

Check your Flight status to confirm the departure and arrival dates and times.


See our complete list of Not-allowed or restricted items. Remember that you can use our cargo service if your purchases include items that are fragile or difficult to transport.

Properly close luggage, mark it with up-to-date information, and take off labels from previous trips.


Use the baggage calculator to determine if you are traveling with excess baggage and the relevant charges that will apply.

Place your documents, valuables and/or fragile items in your carry-on luggage.


On arrival at the airport, you are required to allow yourself enough time to check-in and board your plane. For international flights, you are required to arrive three hours in advance. For domestic flights, arrive one hour and a half in advance.

Once you have checked-in, find out which boarding gate you have to go to and get there on time. You are required to identify yourself through security at the boarding gate for international flights 30 minutes before the expected flight departure and for domestic flights 20 minutes before departure, or your reservation will be canceled.


Pay attention to service agent instructions. There may be last-minute changes in your itinerary including the changing of gates among other things.

Follow the instructions regarding the use of technological devices, such as satellite or cellular phones, transmitter radios or portable receptors, computers and other equipment that may interfere with the communication and navigation in the aircraft  



Remember that we offer you services that allow you to make the best use of your time:


Web Check-In

You can check-in for your flight and choose your seat before arriving at the airport to avoid waiting in line. Check your baggage at the Web Check-In line. If you do not have any, you can go straight to the boarding gate. For international flights, you are required to show up at the boarding gate 45 minutes before flight departure. For domestic flights, you are required to identify yourself half an hour before your flight's departure. You will be able to use this service between 1 and 36 hours before your flight departure; between 1 and 24 hours for flights to/from United States.


Mobile Web Check-In

You can access the online check-in from your smartphone when visiting copa.com, which allows you to use an electronic boarding pass at the airport. The mobile boarding pass can be used from these cities.

In other cities, you are required to show your electronic boarding pass at the Web Check-In desk, where your boarding pass for your flight will be printed for you.



Copa Airlines allows its customers to speed up the check-in process at the Hub of the Americas by making check-in and boarding kiosks available. The kiosks allow you to complete the check-in process or, if you want, you can simply print your boarding pass, if you have completed the Web Check-In process. In addition, you can choose or change your assigned seat in the aircraft and add your MileagePlus number to your reservation.