MileagePlus frequent flyer program


1. What is MileagePlus?

MileagePlus is the frequent flyer program for Copa Airlines, Copa Airlines Colombia and United. After enrollment, you earn miles on every regularly scheduled trip whenever you fly with any of our three airlines or when you use one of our partner airlines, hotel partners and other alliances worldwide. MileagePlus miles are redeemable towards reward tickets to travel to more than 900 destinations worldwide.

You can accrue or redeem your miles to travel to more than 1,250 worldwide destinations


2. How do I enroll in the MileagePlus frequent flyer program?

To join MileagePlus follow these links:

  • Log on to
  • Click on the MileagePlus link
  • Click on “Enroll or review your account"
  • Complete the enrollment form and print your membership confirmation.
  • Present your MileagePlus number when you make a reservation, check in at the airport or use the services of any of our MileagePlus partners

3. Can children enroll in the MileagePlus frequent flyer program?

Yes, MileagePlus accepts members age 2 or older.


4. How can I find out how many MileagePlus miles I have in my account?

On the MileagePlus page, by entering your MileagePlus number and security PIN, you may:

  • Update your account information.
  • Change your PIN or password.
  • Print a copy of your MileagePlus card.
  • Discover more ways to earn miles.
  • Learn more about Premier status eligibility.
  • Subscribe to receive your account statement online.
  • Receive MileagePlus promotional offers.

5. What is a PIN and what does it do?

Your personal identification number (PIN) is unique to your account and is the key to all your online transactions. Without it, you cannot book reward travel, change your e-mail personal information or otherwise access your account online. It is an important privacy safeguard and should never be revealed online or over the telephone.


6. How can I change my PIN if I don't know it or if I have lost it?

Visit Forgot PIN? and follow the instructions.


7. How can I update the mailing address on my MileagePlus account?

You can update all of your data through MileagePlus by entering your MileagePlus number and security PIN. You can also call the MileagePlus service center.


8. How can I be assured that the miles corresponding to my trip will be credited to my MileagePlus account?

You must provide your MileagePlus number every time you make a reservation and verify at the airport check-in counters that it appears on your boarding pass.

We recommend that you keep your ticket and boarding pass in case of any questions or complaints you might have in the future. All requests for missing mileage credit must be made within six months of your trip.


9. I forgot to provide my MileagePlus number at the time of travel. How can I get those miles credited to my account?

The MileagePlus program accepts requests for missing mileage credit within six months of the date of travel. You must supply your boarding passes and ticket receipt. Both documents are required for processing. Deposit these documents in the MileagePlus mailbox located in any Copa Airlines office or partner office. If you join the program after your flight, you may redeem miles flown up to a month prior to your trip or up to six months after for a charge of US $25. This request must be made through a MileagePlus service center.


10. Is it possible to combine miles from different MileagePlus accounts?

MileagePlus miles are transferable from one account to another.

It is possible to issue a reward ticket on behalf of a person other than the owner of the MileagePlus account number which accumulated miles. However, after being issued, the ticket is not transferable to another person and issuing a new ticket will refund the miles to your account.



11. Is it possible to transfer miles from one account to another?

It is possible to transfer miles.

  • MileagePlus miles in increments of 1000 miles, with a minimum of 2000 MileagePlus miles per transfer.
  • A maximum of 60,000 miles per calendar year to accounts that fulfill requirements.
  • Redeem miles 48 hours after being transferred.
  • A service charge of US $15 will apply for every 1000 miles.

Terms and conditions:

The person transferring the miles must provide their MileagePlus number, PIN (Personal Identification Number), and the MileagePlus number of the account receiving the miles. Transferred miles are not refundable. The transfer cannot be reversed. The miles do not count toward the Premier level. Once you have transferred the miles, they may be redeemed for a ticket. Only accept credit card payments will be accepted.


12. Do MileagePlus miles expire?

As long as miles accumulated in the MileagePlus program are accumulated or redeemed every 18 months, they will not expire.  There are many ways to accumulate or redeem reward miles, such as flying with Copa Airlines, Copa Airlines Colombia, United, or any partner airline, staying at partner hotels, using a co-branded credit card, or purchasing miles for yourself, to name a few.


13. How can I replace my MileagePlus card if it is lost?

You can print your card through MileagePlus.

Only those members who have reached the Premier level will receive physical cards, which will ship to you automatically once you reach the required miles. Your card may arrive four to six weeks after reaching the Premier level.


14. How many miles do I need for a reward ticket?

In this interactive table you will find the information regarding miles required for reward tickets. You can also call the MileagePlus service center.


15. How do I redeem my miles for MileagePlus rewards?

Call MileagePlus reservation center at least 21 days before the date you wish to travel. You may also make reward ticket reservations at for Copa Airlines flights only.


Charges for reward tickets vary depending on how many days in advance the travel request is made:

Days before departure1K / PlatinumGoldSilverNon Premier
More than 22 days $0 $0 $0 $0
Between 0 - 21 days $0 US $25 US $50 US $75

Note: Reward tickets will not be redeemed if you do not provide your MileagePlus PIN number.


16. What happens if I cannot use the reward ticket after I've redeemed it?

Reward tickets are valid for one year from the original issue date of the ticket. During this period, you may make changes to the date and destination for an additional fee, based on your MileagePlus account status at the time the ticket was issued. You can also refund the miles to your account before the end of the year.


17. Can I buy the miles I need to redeem a reward ticket?

You may buy up to 25% of the miles needed for any MileagePlus reward ticket, redeemable for a minimum of 20,000 miles. Miles may be purchased in increments of 1,000 miles for US $35. These miles are non-refundable. Miles may only be purchased when you are reserving your reward ticket.


18. Can I make changes to MileagePlus reward tickets?

Any date or route modifications to MileagePlus reward tickets are subject to restrictions and penalties. Charges for changes and refunding miles for reward tickets are applied per passenger, not per reservation.

  • Premier® 1K®: US $0
  • Premier Platinum: US $0
  • Premier Gold: US $25
  • Premier Silver: US $50
  • Premier Non Premier: US $75

These charges are waived when changes to reward tickets are made more than 21 days in advance, as long as no changes are made to the origin and destination cities. The charges are based on the account-holder's status at the time the change is requested.

Applicable to United, Copa Airlines and MileagePlus partner airlines.




19. What is required to achieve Premier status?

MileagePlus partners may qualify for the new Premier MileagePlus program, which has four levels that may be reached in terms of miles (PQM) or segments (PQS) for Premier qualifiication.  As a condition, the member is required to make at least four paid flights on United, Copa Airlines, or Copa Air Colombia during a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

Premier® 1K®

100,000 PQM or 120 PQS

Premier Platinum

75,000 PQM or 90 PQS

Premier Gold

50,000 PQM or 60 PQS

Premier Silver

25,000 PQM or 30 PQS



20. Do all miles count equally toward Premier status qualification?

No, Premier qualification earnings are governed by the purchased fare class, as outlined in the charts below and applies only to international flights with Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia.

Fare familiesClass of serviceBase milesPremier miles (PQM)Premier Points (PQS)
Business Flex
Business Promo
Economy Flex
Y, B, M, H, Q
Economy Plus
K, V, U, S, W, E
Economy Promo
L, T, N

* Some changes may be implemented for domestic flights in Colombia.

All other fare classes do not accrue mileage. Copa Airlines reserves the right to change the eligible fare classes at any time without notice.

21. What benefits can I receive as a MileagePlus Premier member?

MileagePlus Premier members can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Complimentary Premier upgrade.
  • Complimentary Premier upgrade confirmation up to 96 hours before departure (varies by level).
  • Premier bonus miles up to 100% (varies by level).
  • Improved availability for reward miles in Main Cabin.
  • Premier Access Services at airports*.
  • VIP lounge access on international flights (where applicable).
  • Increased baggage allowace (on Copa Airlines flights).
  • Priority baggage handling.

* Priority registration, priority baggage handling, security screening preference (if available), priority boarding.


22. What will my frequent flyer number be in the new MileagePlus program?

The frequent flyer number of the new MileagePlus program is 8 alphanumeric characters. The eight-character account number for OnePass members will automatically become the MileagePlus account number. MileagePlus members with 11-character numbers will be assigned a new number with 8 alphanumeric characters

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