MileagePlus frequent flyer program

How you earn award miles on flights will change on March 1, 2015. Learn more

MileagePlus is the new frequent flyer program for Copa Airlines, Copa Airlines Colombia and the new United. This is the region's most important program, named as the best frequent frequent flyer program for readers of the magazine Global Traveler.
MileagePlus has the largest number of members world-wide and combines the excellence of OnePass® from Continental Airlines and Copa Airlines with MileagePlus from United.
What's new

Earning miles

Earn miles flying with Copa Airlines, Copa Airlines Colombia, United and other airlines associated with the MileagePlus program. Also, earn miles by using our co-branded credit cards for purchases at various establishments.


Using your miles

You may use your miles to travel to any Copa Airlines destination or those of other airlines affiliated with the MileagePlus program. Furthermore, with miles earned, you can upgrade to a higher class, redeem award points, and make available donations on the website.

Premier levels

MileagePlus awards customers by offering them four Premier levels from which, depending on the level, they can gain further benefits, including free class upgrades, priority queues for checking in and boarding at the airport, and more.

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