Automation of Form I-94 for entry into the United States of America


Form I-94 is used to record the entry and exit of all persons who visit the United States and who have a valid and current tourist, student, or temporary work visa. This does not apply to those persons traveling under the Visa Waiver Program.

In order to improve the efficiency of our processes and reduce operating costs, the Customs and Border Patrol Department (CBP) has decided to automate this form. As a result, travelers will no longer have to fill it out or submit an I-94 upon arriving in the United States.

This change will in no way affect the entry of passengers into the US, and they will not have to carry out any procedures electronically prior to travel.

All that is necessary to record the entry of each passenger into the United States is to present a current passport and visa to the Immigration official. Exit from the country will be recorded electronically with the information provided by the airline or the CBP.

Check the immigration requirements that you must meet.