Copa announces that it is the official airline of the “Legend Series,” and the airline makes a donation to the Mariano Rivera Foundation

  • The NewYork Yankees will arrive at Tocumen International Airport today on board a Copa Airlines charter from Tampa, Florida.
  • Copa Airlines has readied one of the best aircraft in its fleet for the historic trip.
  • Copa Airlines and Magic Dreams work together to bring 63 children from Puerto Caimito to the big-league game between the New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins on Saturday, March 15.

Copa Airlines - donation to the Mariano Rivera Foundation

Panama City, March 13, 2014 – During an appearance by Mariano Rivera at Copa Airlines’ East Coast offices, which drew a sizeable crowd, the Panamanian airline said that everything is ready for the arrival of the legendary New York Yankees in Panama today, March 13. The team from the Bronx is traveling to Panama on board a Copa Airlines airplane in order to participate in the “Legend Series." The airline and Magic Dreams, the event promoter, also handed over a donation to the Mariano Rivera Foundation. The donation will make it possible for 63 children from Puerto Caimito to attend the first game of this series between the New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins.

The historic sporting event, which has been arranged by Major League Baseball in conjunction with local businesspeople and with the support of the Panamanian Government, will consist of two exhibition games between the New York Yankees and the Miami Marlins in honor of Mariano Rivera, the Panamanian baseball hero. The series will take place in the Rod Carew stadium in Panama’s capital.

Copa Airlines, as the official airline of this "Legend Series," readied a latest-generation Boeing 737-800, with the most advanced entertainment system and the airline’s best configuration of space and seats, for the Yankees’ trip to Panama. In addition, the aircraft has been specially marked with the event’s official image, and upon arrival in Panama, it will be met by the hero himself, Mariano Rivera.

“At Copa Airlines, we take great pride in our responsibility for bringing the New York Yankees to our country for the tribute to Panama’s legendary Mariano Rivera. This event, the first of its kind in more than 50 years, gives all Panamanians the opportunity to enjoy a big-league game in Panama,” said Copa Airlines Marketing Director Marco Ocando.

“Our role in this event reaffirms Copa Airlines’ commitment to supporting world-class sporting events in our country. Events like these help make Panamanian sports more competitive, while also continuing to define Panama as an attractive destination for major cultural and sporting events in South America,” he added.

Mariano Rivera, addressing a large group of Copa Airlines employees that included outstanding personnel from various departments of the company, offered his thanks to “Copa Airlines and Magic Dreams for their part in making it possible for children from Puerto Caimito, my hometown, to attend this game, which is a historic event for baseball in our country." In Rivera’s words, “It isn’t every day that these kids can attend events like this, so I am really proud to be able to bring these two well-known companies together to make this happen.”

Leo Marchosky, Copa Airlines Vice President of Human Resources, said that “for Copa, it is an honor to be part of making a dream come true for the children from Puerto Caimito—the dream of getting close to their baseball heroes. These children are our future star athletes, and Copa Airlines is happy to be able to encourage their continued athletic development.”

The donation by the two companies will enable the children of the Mariano Rivera Foundation to travel to the stadium, watch the game from a preferential spot, and go home happy.

The "Legend Series" games will be played at the Rod Carew stadium on Saturday, March 15 and Sunday, March 16.