Copa Airlines aircraft wil display Panama logo across the skies of the Americas



Panama - February 03,  2011 -- The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP, Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá) and Copa Airlines have announced that one of the airline's Boeing 737-800 aircraft will feature Panama's name and butterfly logo, the country's international symbol. The logo and website address will be displayed on the fuselage of the aircraft, in effect putting the national emblem on exhibit across the continent.

Authorities and national tourism representatives gathered at the Copa Airlines hangar at Tocumen International Airport to witness the unveiling of the aircraft that will carry Panama's name to "new heights."


The butterfly is the symbol of the Panama Tourism Authority website,, as well as the new image of the agency's international tourism promotion.


"We want the world to see what we are doing to boost tourism in Panama," said   Panama's Minister of Tourism, Salomón Shamah.  "Thousands of Panamanians are working hard to make our country the ultimate tourist destination.  The fact that this logo is being displayed on an airplane of the Panamanian airline that is the leader in Latin American aviation fills us with pride."

Copa's Vice President of Government Relations Moisés Véliz said that having the logo on a Copa airplane demonstrates "Copa Airlines' support of ATP efforts to continue positioning our country as the best tourist and business destination and the favorite of travelers."


The logo design was inspired by the meaning of the word Panama: "abundance of fish and butterflies". At the same time, the diversity of colors featured in the logo represents Panama's melting pot of races and reflects the country's joyful personality.


Beginning in February, the Copa aircraft will carry the colors of Panama, a remarkable and fascinating country... one of contrasts formed by multiple environments that contribute to its diversity and make it one of a kind in terms of history, culture and geography.