Frequently Asked Questions - Tracking Guide

How can I track my shipments?

Remember that tracking numbers are 8 digits long (they do not include the verification digit).
If your tracking number is not at least 8 digits long, put zeros before it to complete it.
For example, if you tracking number is 84569, put two zeros before it: 00084569.
If your tracking number is 98789654, enter only this number without putting zeros before it.


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Can I track multiple shipments at one time?

Yes. You can simultaneously track up to 10 shipments, listing them vertically as shown in the above image.
By entering the tracking numbers, you'll see the latest status of each of your shipments.
If you need more details about any shipments in particular, just click on the corresponding tracking number.


What should I do if there are any problems when I am trying to track a shipment?

For domestic shipments within Colombia, get in contact with our call center at 571 - 3209090, then dialing option 5, then dialing option 6.