Nuestro programa corporativo le ofrece a su empresa múltiples beneficios

Nuestro programa corporativo le ofrece a su empresa múltiples beneficios

Business Rewards

Enroll now in Business Rewards, our free loyalty program designed to reward your preference for business travel. No matter what size your company is, you can redeem your Business Rewards points toward airline free tickets, MileagePlus Premier memberships, Copa Club passes and more.

Every time one of your executives travels with, your company will earn points that can be redeemed for rewards such as airline free tickets, Premier MileagePlus® memberships, Copa Club passes, among others, while your travelers earn MileagePlus® miles at the same time.

Please make sure to register your MileagePlus account number on your flight reservation.


For the companyFor the executive

Use Business Rewards points as incentives and gifts for your employees or for company travel.

Check your Business Rewards account statement on

Redeem points for rewards online quickly and safe.

Earn MileagePlus® miles every time you travel which can be redeemed for personal airline tickets and also have access to many more benefits.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Fill out the online form.
  • Enroll your employees with their own frequent flyer MileagePlus® numbers.

Procedures to redeem points

Procedures to issue free tickets

  • Redeem your free ticket according to the Reward Chart and download your Reward Authorization Certificate.
  • Make your reservation using your Reward Authorization Certificate Code by calling our Reservation Center in your country or send an email to
  • Pay the taxes according with your travel itinerary.

* To learn how the program works, visit Terms and Conditions at

For more information, contact us at

For more information, contact us at