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Our Customer Commitment

1.    Advise about lowest available fares

Customers contacting our Reservations Center, visiting any of our ticket counter offices or copaair.com will be offered the lowest available fare.

2.    Notify know delays cancellations and diversions

Copa Airlines is focused on having all of its flights operating on time; however, major events may result in situations that can affect the normal operation of our scheduled flights. These situations may lead to flight delays of 30 minutes or more, cancellations or diversions. Copa Airlines will provide updated information within 30 minutes after such changes occur and provide periodic updates regarding non regular situations.

3.    Deliver baggage on time

At Copa Airlines, we do everything we can to make sure your baggage arrives in good condition and on time.  If your bags do not arrive with you in the same flight, we will do everything possible to make sure you receive them within 24 hours.  Copa Airlines will compensate for reasonable out of pocket expenses. Copa Airlines will compensate, either with cash or travel certificates, baggage claims resulting from delayed priority bags that have complied with check-in time restrictions.

4.    Allow reservations to be held without payment for 24 hours

Copa Airlines allows customers to make reservations on copaair.com and put them on hold for 24 hours. The reserved spaces and fare quoted will remain available for 24 hours in order to allow customers to pay for their tickets, either online, through our phone service and reservations center or at any of our sales offices. If customers choose to make changes to the itinerary within this time frame, the ticket price may change.

5.    Ticket refunds

Copa Airlines will provide prompt refunds for eligible tickets once the request accompanied by any required documentation is received by the airline. When refunds are allowed, they will be provided in the original form of payment; however applicable change fees might be deducted. Some optional products and service fees are non-refundable. To request a refund, you should go to the place where you purchased the ticket.


  • If you purchased the ticket at a travel agency, you should go there to request the refund.
  • If the purchase was made at a Copa Airlines Sales Office, you should go to that office.
  • If you purchased your ticket at copaair.com or through our Reservations Center, click here.


Tickets can only be refunded in the country where the sale was made. The refund will be granted in the same form of payment and currency as the purchase. Refunds for credit card purchases will be made only to the credit card account with which the purchase was made.
Please make sure you have cancelled your reservation before requesting a refund.

6.    Accommodation of customers with disabilities and other special needs

Unaccompanied Minor Service
Copa Airlines offers an attendant service that will guarantee that from the moment the minor arrives at the counter in the airport, the child will be attended by a passenger service agent until received by a parent or authorized guardian at their final destination.  Some rules are set in order to provide this service for our young travelers:


  • Children under 5 years are not permitted to travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult on all flights.
  • Children between 5 and 7 years can travel alone only on direct flights or with intermediate stops, i.e. on flights where the child does not have to switch from one aircraft to another.  Charges for the service apply.
  • Children between 8 and 14 years can travel alone on direct and connection flights on the same airline.  Charges for the service apply.
  • Children between 15 and 17 years can travel alone. The unaccompanied minor service is not required, but is available for a fee.
  • The unaccompanied minor service does not include service during the flight itself.


Please contact our Reservations Center for additional information of unaccompanied minor service or visit Children traveling alone.

Customers with disabilities
Copa Airlines will provide passengers with disabilities a dignified, courteous and professional service at all times. Customers can ask for assistance when arriving at the airport if certain accommodations during the travel are required. However, there are some service requests that need to be made in advance.  Please visit our Special travel needs section for more information.


7.    Meet customers’ essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays

When a lengthy tarmac delay occurs, Copa Airlines will make every reasonable effort to ensure that customers' essential needs are met.  This includes provision of snack food and drinking water no later than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in case of a departure) or touches down (in the case of an arrival), restroom facilities, and adequate medical attention if needed.
Copa Airlines will keep customers informed during the tarmac delays.  This information will be updated every 30 minutes and it will contain information on the status of the tarmac delay, and reason for the delay, if known.

8.    Overbooking

In order to accommodate as many passengers as possible, considering that not all customers travel according to their original itineraries, some flights can have more confirmed passengers that can be accommodated in the plane, this is called an overbooking. Copa Airlines policy allows overbooking flights in the main cabin. If at the departure time, more customers with confirmed reservations are present than there are seats available, Copa Airlines will not deny a seat until gate agents first ask for passengers with flexible travel plans to willingly offer to give up their confirmed seats. These passengers are known as volunteers in an overbooking situation.  If there are not enough volunteers, we will deny boarding to passengers according to our written policy on boarding priority.  Customers who are denied boarding and have complied with our check-in time procedures will be entitled to receive compensation and amenities, as well as be confirmed on a later flight.
Copa Airlines advises customers that denied boarding without compensation might occur, if check-in time procedures and other requirements are not complied.

9.    Disclose cancellation policies and frequent flyer rules

Copa Airlines will provide important information about terms and conditions that apply to your ticket and travel; this includes cancellation policies and frequent flyer program rules on our Contract of carriage.


10.    Promptly notify customers about itinerary changes

Copa Airlines encourages all customers to provide contact information on their reservations, so that on time information about changes on a travel itinerary can be notified prior to the date of departure.

11.    Ensure responsiveness to customer complaints

Customers' opinion is the best indicator of our service. Let us know your suggestions, congratulations and complaints.   Your written communications are welcome; please let us know by using our web contact form.


12.    Mitigating passenger inconvenience

Copa Airlines will ensure proper service and resolutions are given to customers who experience any inconvenience regarding cancellations and misconnections of flights.