ALAS Aviation School

The Academia Latinoamericana de Aviación Superior (ALAS) is an avaition school sponsored by Copa Airlines which gives an opportunity to those interested in pursuing a technical career in aviation in Panama.

Those who successfully meet the requirements will have to obtain their own funding in order to begin classes. The cost of the course of studies will depend on the experience of each student, which means that an individual quote will be made to each person that applies. The total cost of the career without experience can be approximately US $45,000.

Selection process

Aspiring candidates will have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a Panamanian citizen and/or Copa partner with Panamanian residency
  2. Over 20 years of age (Individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 may apply to the program, however once they have completed the training they will not be able to begin working at Copa until they are 21)
  3. Have at least graduated from High School
  4. Have attained an English level of 4 in OACI courses, or greater
  5. Have a first class medical certificate

When meeting these requirements, please sign up and apply for the vacancy 3600. See this tutorial to follow step by step what you need to do to apply.

You will be contacted later by a school representative in order to deliver the following documents:

  1. Application form (previously sent to you via e-mail)
  2. Resume
  3. Copy of your Panamanian ID
  4. High School Diploma
  5. Medical Certificate Class 1, updated by Civil Aeronautics
  6. ICAO English Certification (Minimum: Level 4):
    1. If you already hold a pilot’s license (PPL, instrument rating, etc.), you will need to receive an ICAO English Level Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority.
    2. If you do not possess a pilot license, you may get an English Level Certificate from one of the ICAO Certified Assessors (We will provide you with their contact details in the invitation e-mail from the School representative).
  7. Copy of pilot's license (if you have one) 
  8. Academic college credits (if you are pursuing a career in any university)

Aspiring candidates who meet the requirements and possess the aforementioned documentation, will undergo a rigorous selection process with international standards, which will be administered by Copa Airlines. The selection process consists of the following steps:

  1. Interview
  2. General knowledge exam
  3. Psychological evaluation
  4. Basic evaluation on a simulator
  5. Group exam
  6. Polygraph