To learn about the baggage allowance on your next flight, and see the charges that may apply for excess baggage, please select the country where you will begin your trip and your final destination.

Delayed baggage

At Copa Airlines we know how important it is for you that your bags arrive on time. If your bags are delayed, we will do everything possible to process your claim and expedite its resolution.

Copa Airlines is committed to compensating, either with cash or travel certificates, those baggage claims resulting from delayed priority bags that have complied with check-in and time restrictions, as described in the following regulations:

  • The claim must be presented inside the customs office at your destination.
  • If the claim is not filed inside the customs area, the claim cannot be filed more than 21 days after the date of the flight.

Note: PreferMember customers and non-priority cases are subject to certain exceptions.

Copa Airlines, along with the other major airline companies, is a member of World Tracer, a global program for tracking baggage. If your luggage has not been found after 5 days, the airport/city in which you filed the claim will take responsibility for the search. If this were to occur, you would be asked to provide more detailed information about the exterior appearance of your bag(s) to be able to widen the World Tracer search.

At Copa Airlines we do everything possible to make sure that our passengers and their bags travel on the same flight. If your bags do not arrive on your flight, we will do everything possible to to make sure you get them back within 24 hours. Keep in mind that if the bag travels with another airline, there may be additional delays on international flights due to the length and frequency of these flights, as well as the customs paperwork that has to be filed at the destination airport.

If you cannot find your checked bag upon arrival at your destination, please notify the Copa Airlines baggage service before leaving the airport. At that time you will be given a claim number and an information sheet explaining the baggage claim process. Please, be sure to reference the claim number given to you on all correspondence and in all conversations regarding the claim.

Our automatic baggage tracking system helps us find bags all over the world. The information you provide us describing the luggage (style, color, contents, etc.) helps us conduct a fast and exhaustive search. Our baggage service will get in touch with you periodically to keep you informed of the situation. In the unlikely case that we do not find your bag within five days, our Baggage Service Department will continue the search. You will be asked to fill out a belongings questionnaire in which you will be asked to provide a more detailed listing of the contents of the bag. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience your delayed baggage may cause you.

For information regarding you delayed baggage, please go to World Tracer.