1. Can I request a ticket refund?

Tickets may or may not be refundable, depending on the rate rules applicable to the tickets you purchased. Rate rules specify whether the ticket is refundable or not, as well as the amounts that should be discounted. If your ticket is refundable, you will be deducted the penalty applicable to said rate.

If the ticket is non refundable in cash, you may use it as payment for a new ticket. In case you do not use it, you will only get a refund for the applicable fees (taxes and airport fees), except for not refundable taxes.

If your ticket hasn't been used, we will refund the total amount paid, minus:

  • The penalty specified by the rate rule.
  • Non-refundable taxes (if they exist).

2. Who can receive the refund?

The refund is granted to the person who paid for the ticket after providing a satisfactory proof of purchase (invoice or credit card).

In the event of the death of a customer, the refund will be granted to an immediate family member upon presentation of death certificate. In cases of illness, you must provide a letter from a doctor on letterhead stating that travel is contraindicated. If the request is made for death or illness of an immediate family member, the letter must include the family member's name and relationship with the customer. The spouse, children (including adopted ones), parents and brother(s) or sister(s) account for immediate family.

3. When can I request a ticket refund?

The refund must be requested during the validity of the ticket. After the expiration date, you cannot request the refund. Check the validity of your ticket with our Reservations Center.

4. Where should I request the refund?

You should go to the place where you purchased the ticket.

  • If you purchased the ticket at a travel agency, you should go there to request the refund.
  • If the purchase was made at a Copa Airlines Sales Office, you should go to that office.
  • If you purchased your ticket at or through our Reservations Center, click here.

Tickets can only be refunded in the country where the sale was made. The refund will be granted in the same form of payment and currency as the purchase.

5. How long will it take to complete the refund?

The time taken to pay a refund depends on the form of payment used to purchase the ticket:

  • If the ticket was purchased with a credit card: The refund will be shown in one of the next two credit card account statements as from the refund request. This will depend on the billing cycle of your credit card company.
  • If the ticket was purchased in cash: The refund will be granted to customer immediately.
  • If the ticket was purchased with a check: The ticket will be refunded via check and granted within 10 business days. If you request the refund after 30 days after the ticket was issued, you will have the option to request the refund in cash, in which case the refund will be immediate. 

6. Can I ask for the return of penalties, taxes or other charges duplicated by mistake?

In cases in which for any reason you have been charged a penalty or tax twice, you will be able to request the return upon providing proof indicating penalty payments.

7. What is Copa Airlines' refund policy in the event of the aircraft having mechanical problems or other inconveniences caused by the airline?

In cases in which Copa Airlines is responsible for the disruption of a trip, due to attributable causes, for example, mechanical failure of the aircraft, maintenance, logistic problems with equipment, among others, you may request a full or partial refund of the ticket, as applicable. This kind of refund is called involuntary.

When a refund is involuntary, you can request the refund of a ticket with a rate rule that specifies it is not refundable. In these cases, a penalty charge is not applied.