Payment options at

You have several options available to make your payments. Options vary from country to country, so make sure you are in the correct portal to be able to make payments in your currency and with your preferred payment method:

Country(Portal) Currency Credit card Cash Other payment methods
Brazil Brazilian reais

1 - 6 installments no interest

  Boleto bancario
Canada Canadian dollars    
Colombia Colombian pesos

1 - 24 installments no interest

United States US dollars   Bank transfer
Panama US dollars

Banco General
Other Countries

US dollars
Costa Rican colo1
Guatemalan quetzal1
Dominican pesos1

BAC (Costa Rica)
Citi (Costa Rica)
Citi (Rep Dominicana)


1 Purchases valid using only Visa and/or MasterCard.

Remember that with the option to Book and keep my schedule for 48 hours, you can make your reservation at and choose to pay later:


Bank transfers and deposits are accepted. You must contact our Reservations Center to provide you the bank account number. For these transactions is required at least 5 working days. Payment in Argentine pesos in cash or bank deposit applies a 5% tax, according to RG 3825 / AFIP.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer service is available exclusively in the Argentina, Chile and Mexico portals, when a reservation is made with a minimum of 14 days before your flight departure. The reservations made under this form of payment will have to be paid for within the next 48 hours.

Bank transfer is one of the most common forms of cashless payments in most countries. Bank transfer is used to cover a wide range of credit transfers, such as payments in cash, and wire transfers, among others.

Consumers use bank transfers via one of the following methods:

  • online banking
  • phone banking
  • visiting the bank and completing the payment in person

Boleto Bancário

Boleto Bancário is a payment method available in our Brazil portal which processes around 20% of the e-payments in Brazil. When you choose to pay via Boleto Bancário, you are provided with a bank slip. At this point you have the following options to pay:

  • Print the form and physically pay at any bank or location in Brazil that accepts Boleto Bancario.
  • Pay online through the bank's website (Note: There is no immediate redirect to the online banking environment from this point).
  • Pay via an ATM.

Boleto Bancário purchases are available only if your reservation is made at least 14 days before your flight's departure and the payment must be made within 48 hours or the reservation will be cancelled.

Proveedor de Servicios Electrónicos (PSE)

Available in Colombia, it is a centralized and standardized system developed by ACH COLOMBIA by which Copa Airlines clients are given the opportunity to make payments online. The cost of the tickets is debited to the clients' savings and/or checking accounts of the financial instititution with which they are affiliated. For more information, visit:

Frequently asked questions

1. Are the transactions completed on secure?

At we implement the highest security standards available. All of your online transactions are protected using SSL technology, certified by VeriSign. The web site has also been certified by McAfee SECURE against outside attacks.

2. What is my credit card's security code (CVV)?

To locate the security code on your credit card, look at the back of the card. The location of the CVV may vary depending on what kind of credit card it is:

Visa and MasterCard:

The security code on Visa and MasterCard cards is made up of the last 3 digits of the number that appears in the signature panel on the back of your card.

American Express:

The security code for American Express cards is the 4-digit code printed on the front of your card, above your card number.

3. What is the Address Verification System (AVS) and to what countries does it apply?

The AVS (Address Verification System) is an electronic fraud prevention measure. It compares the credit card billing address provided by the user to the address on file with the credit card company. Only applies in the United States and Canada.

4. Can I make the purchase using my country's currency even if I am not currently in my country?

You can complete your purchase using your preferred currency by selecting the country (portal) on the home page. See the table in the upper part of this page for details on the currencies available in the different countries.

5. My credit card statement shows a "retained amount." What can I do?

Please send a copy of your statement to so that we may take the necessary steps to contact your bank and release the funds.

6. My credit card account shows a "floating balance." What can I do?

Please send a copy of your statement to so that we may take the necessary steps to contact your bank and release the funds.

7. What is Copa Airlines' refund policy?

Refunds, cancellations or changes will be subject to the charges and restrictions listed on the purchased fare. For more information, see our refund policy.

8. How can I find my reservation and complete the purchase at a later date?

If you made the reservation on, you can find your reservation by using Manage your booking and going to the menu located at the top of the home page. If you have logged in with your user information, select the itinerary you wish to see from the list of reservations. Press the "Purchase" button at the bottom of the page to enter your credit card information and continue with the purchase process. Using this option, you have up to 48 hours to complete the purchase, beginning the moment you made your reservation.

9. Can I reserve flights on if I do not have a credit card?

Yes, simply select the reserve and pay later option, "Reserve and save my itinerary for 48 hours" during the purchase process. You will then have 48 hours to pay, by either returning to and logging in to Manage your booking, by calling our Reservations Center or visiting one of our Sales Offices.