To learn about the baggage allowance on your next flight, and see the charges that may apply for excess baggage, please select the country where you will begin your trip and your final destination.

Pets allowed in the cabin

Pets in the cabin


Dogs and cats are accepted as carry-on and are considered pets. We have ceased to allow the transport of birds and will not accept them as either carry-on or carga on international flights and domestic flights within Panama. However, Small birds are considered pets on flights withing Colombia.

All pets that do not fall within these parameters will not be accepted as carry-on luggage.

Remember to check restrictions to/from specific destinations.


All pets transported will be charged a fee, based on excess baggage rates.

Pet transport Cost
Pets inside the passenger cabin
(as carry-on)*
The cost is  US$75 per cage or container.


* Pets are not allowed in Business Class.

All passengers, in transit through Panama who travel with pets and want to leave the airport for a few hours, must leave the pet in quarantine with a charge of US $9.50 per pet.

For flights within Colombia and Panama, pets are transported at no additional charge. However, on connecting flights that include domestic flights and international flights, the international flights’ conditions and surcharges will apply.

General terms and conditions for the transport of pets in the cabin

  • Passengers are responsible for all documentation required to ensure the exit and entry of your pet, both to cities of departure, transit and destination of your trip. This includes any requirement or additional or special document required by laws and regulations in force in the countries of departure, transit and destination. To know the requirements your pet must fulfill, please contact the sanitary authorities of each country.
  • It is the policy of Copa Airlines to transports pets in the passenger cabin from Monday through Thursday* on International flights (* As of March 14, 2016, from Monday to Friday) .This restriction does not apply to domestic flights within Panama and Colombia. Transport is allowed daily from passengers traveling on domestic flights (origin and destination) with no international connection.
  • Copa Airlines will not allow pet reservations or accept pets for any flights departing on Fridays and which arrivals falls at any time on Saturdays
  • The transport of Pet in Cabin is subject to availability.
  • Contact our Reservations Center at least 48 hours before the flight's departure to ensure room for your pet.
  • Pets 8 weeks old or less will not be accepted for transport travelling alone in a cage.
  • Minors traveling alone are not authorized to travel with pets.
  • On international flights, the customer must provide a health certificate for their pet, emitted by the appropriate authority, as well as all necessary documents for entry at their next destination(s). For domestic flights within Colombia, only a current vaccination certificate is needed. For domestic flights within Panama, owners must show proof of current vaccination and health certificate. Important that the pet has the anti - rabies vaccine.
  • The health certificate of pets flying from Colombia to the United States must indicate that they are free of screw worms.
  • Passengers must travel on the same flight as their pet and use a cage that is appropriate for its transport.
  • Passengers are responsible for enclosing their pet in its cage, as well as for removing it.
  • Traveling with pets is not permitted on flights that connect with another airline.
  • In case of emergency, oxygen will not be administered to pets.

* Copa Airlines does not transport pets as checked baggage in the cargo hold. To schedule transport of your pet in the cargo compartment, please contact Copa Pets.