Special meals service

Special meals

We offer special meals on international flights for meeting nutritional, dietary, religious, or any other type of needs. Meals depend on the level of service in a flight, taking into account destination, duration, and time of departure.

Special meals must be requested through our Reservation Center or Manage your booking section, at least 24 hours before flight departure in order to guarantee the requested service.

Kid’s food:

Available for kids aged 2 to 12. These are foods that kids tend to like and which meet kids’ dietary requirements.

Strict vegetarian:

Available for customers that do not consume any type of animal products (be it beef, chicken, fish, shellfish, honey, eggs, or dairy products) or their derivatives.


Produced under a Rabbi’s supervision. These foods can include fresh or packaged foods provided they comply with kosher standards. Special kosher foods are served during Passover.

Fruit plate:

Consists of a main dish prepared with a variety of seasonal fresh fruits, accompanied by cheeses, yogurt, nuts, and/or crackers.

Foods that you bring aboard:

You are free to carry food aboard and eat it in-flight. Nevertheless, you are prohibited from drinking your own alcoholic beverages.

Gluten free meal:

Ingredients used for this meal are selected for the absence of gluten. However, we cannot guarantee that the meal is 100% gluten free.