To learn about the baggage allowance on your next flight, and see the charges that may apply for excess baggage, please select the country where you will begin your trip and your final destination.


Pieces that meet the following weight restrictions will be transported without charge. Fees for excess baggage are cumulative depending on registered baggage conditions. For example, if weight and size exceed the limit, the sum of both corresponding fees is charged. Taxes may be applied to these costs based on the charges established by the country.

Baggage dimensions


  • Each piece can measure up to 62 combined linear inches (157 cm) (height + length + width).
  • Pieces with a combined linear measurement between 63 inches (159 cm) and 107 inches (272 cm) are considered excess baggage.
  • Pieces with a combined linear measurement between 63 inches (159 cm) and 107 inches (272 cm) are considered excess baggage.

Special baggage

Description Transportation fee
Bicycles US $100
Firearms (to permitted destinations) US $50
Pole vault equipment US $100
Skiing equipment US $100
Windsurf equipment US $100

Passengers traveling to international destinations who exceed their baggage allowance will be charged US $100.00 per bag, plus any taxes that may apply according to the country, except on flights to/from the following destinations:

To / from Cargo

São Paulo, Brazil (GRU)

US $75,00

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG)

US $75,00

Recife, Brazil (REC)

US $75,00

San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)

US $75,00

Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR)

US $75,00

Manágua, Nicarágua (MGA)

US $75,00

Panama City, Panamá (PTY)

US $75,00

United States (MIA,FLL, LAX,SFO)

US $75,00

Domestic flights within Panama

US $30,00

For domestic flights from Colombia do not generate additional costs as long as they are within the baggage allowance.

For groups contact the local office of each country.


The luggage restriction dates apply to overweight and oversize articles and to additional luggage or boxes containing the items listed above.

For more information, please visit Special baggage.

Optional service fees

Administrative fee

A non-refundable administrative fee, will be charged per-person and added to the total ticket price upon purchase of your tickets at our Reservation Center, Sales Offices and airports. The fee doesn't apply for purchases made in Haiti and Mexico. In some countries, local taxes may apply to said fee.

  • ConnectMiles PreferMember members and their companions traveling on the same reservation and itinerary.
  • Customers who use their corporate card.
  • Customers using a travel voucher to pay for their ticket.
  • Group tickets.
  • Infant's tickets (0 - 23 months old).
  • Tickets purchased with miles.

For more information, please visit Administrative fee.


Pet transport Cost
Pets inside the passenger cabin (as carry-on)* The cost is US $75 per cage or container.

Pets are not allowed in Business Class or as checked baggage. Please contact our Copa Mascotas department to coordinate the transportation of your pet.

Children traveling alone

International flights

Age Flight Charge
5 - 7 Direct US $60
5 - 7 With connections Not allowed
8 - 14 Direct US $60
8 - 14 With connections US $90

Flights within Colombia

A charge of COP30,000 will be collected for each portion or travel segment.

For more information, please visit Children travelling alone.

Most Significant Carrier rule (MSC)

  • Effective since April 1, 2011: if the geographically longest or most significant stretch of your journey is not operated by Copa Airlines, but by another airline, this airline’s rules may also apply to Copa Airlines flights or Copa Airlines flight numbers.
  • If Copa Airlines operates the geographically longest or most significant stretch of the journey, then the Copa Airlines rules and charges apply.
  • The applicable free baggage allowance is shown on your ticket.
  • The MSC rule does not apply to journeys to/from the USA.