We promote good practices and operations

We promote good practices and operations that foster a favorable and positive environment for teamwork, through various programs that keep our workforce motivated and for quality results and efforts and among the advantages, the following stand out:


  • Growth of our workforce
  • Recognition activities
  • Attractive benefits plan
  • Training and professional development
  • "Count On Me" (Cuenta Conmigo) Program (emergency assistance)
  • Recreational and sport activities and of integration
  • Art of Celebration of Achievements
  • Wellness and health exhibits
  • Corporate volunteering programs.
Corporate social responsibility programs our contributors participate in:


Unforgettable journey

Unforgettable journey

The unforgettable journey arose as a dream for Don Alberto Motta (R.I.P.)|, founding member of Copa Airlines, as the Take off with Copa Airlines! (¡Despega con Copa Airlines!) Foundation and the staff have turned it into reality for 17 consecutive years in Panama and, from 1998, at the cities where we operate. This unique event benefits the children who come from vulnerable areas and extreme poverty, as well as various organizations with which every year we carry out social and educational activities. The selected ones live through a memorable experience by flying for the first time on a plane with many surprises and plenty of joy. This activity ends with a great Christmas party and presents for everyone.

To date, this Unforgettable Journey has taken place in Guatemala, Salvador, Managua, Santo Domingo, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Bogotá, Barranquilla, Río de Janeiro, San José and Panama, benefitting and touching the lives of thousands of children in Latin America.

The Unforgettable Journey has been possible thanks to the support of all the staff at the company and the clients and providers, who are highly committed to the actions of social responsibility of Copa Airlines.

Star Donor

Star Donor

The Star Donor Program is driven by the contributors, who voluntarily participate in this project with the goal to create a blood bank in case of emergencies and for their children. Also, our staff voluntarily participate as star donors to any foundation for youth in Panama..


"Count On Me" ("Cuenta Conmigo")

"Count On Me" ("Cuenta Conmigo")

Since 2002, we have implemented the employee assistance program “Count On Me" ("Cuenta Conmigo”), to which immediate economic assistance is available for emergencies, disasters, fires, etc. The advantage means making loans available to contributors with repayments possible on a short or long-term plan with no interests.


Somos Copa

Somos Copa

Being part of the Copa Airlines elite team has great rewards and benefits. For this reason, we continue to boost better programs for the well-being of our contributors at our company. Among some of the programs:

  • "You Make a Difference" Recognition

    Quarterly prize that, since 2002, recognizes and rewards the staff whose behavior is outstanding in a consistent manner and in accordance to our Values in Action and who achieve the objectives and personal goals for their areas.

  • Educational awards and subsidies:

    Copa Airlines is committed to the continuous professional growth of its team. For this reason, it grants scholarships to the contributors' children at the elementary and secondary education level, as well as subsidies to contributors, so that they can complete their university studies.

  • Benefits, health, and prevention exhibits:

    Every year, Copa Airlines coordinates various exhibits at all its facilities of the Head Office, Airport, and stations. Our contributors receive information on products and services with special discounts, as well as information on health programs and disease prevention and the opportunity to get vaccinated and schedule medical consultations for free.

  • Sport leagues

    Copa Airlines promotes physical health and the integration of its staff and families through the celebration of the sport leagues. At this time, we have football, softball, volleyball, bowling, and basketball leagues.




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