Music Guide

Every month we offer a variety of movies and a wide selection of music channels for your entertainment. For your convenience, we have Spanish, English and Portuguese channels available as part of our programming.

Panorama de Las Américas

Learn more about the on board magazine and video we offer as part of the entertainment for our passengers during the flight.

Electronic items allowed onboard

Learn more about which electronic devices are allowed to be used during our flights onboard.

Special Meals

We offer a variety of special meals to meet the nutritional, dietary, religious, ethnic or other needs of our passengers.

Personal Health

Do these exercises and they can help reduce the stress and fatigue that may occur with long-distance travel and combat the jet lag that may result from crossing time zones on your journey.

* Service available on international flights operated by Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia (Aero República)
** Service available on flights operated by Copa Airlines.