Carry-on luggage

Each passenger may bring one personal item* on board, in addition to the carry-on baggage allowed based on the passenger’s cabin, route, and PreferMember Status.

Carry-on baggage allowed for international flights

Cabin Passengers Maximum allowed Linear dimensions Maximum weight
Business Class and Main Cabin Regular passengers
ConnectMiles Silver members & Star Alliance Silver
1 carry-on bag
46 linear inches (115 cm)
length + width + height
10 kg (22 lb)
Business Class** Star Alliance Gold, ConnectMiles Gold, Platinum & Presidential Platinum 2 carry-on bags

46 linear inches (115 cm) each
length + width + height
10 kg (22 lb)

** Except on flights departing to or from the United States, where the carry-on luggage policy continues to be 1 carry-on bag and 1 additional item

Carry-on baggage allowed for flights within Colombia and Panama

Maximum allowedLinear dimensionsMaximum weight
One carry-on piece of luggage
46 linear inches (115 cm)
length + width + height
5 kg (11 lb)


*An additional personal item, such as:

  • Books or magazines
  • Cameras or binoculars
  • Camera tripod (may not exceed the maximum dimensions noted above)
  • Children's bags (diaper bags, breast milk, see our policy on liquids)
  • Children's care items, such as:

    • Child safety seats
    • Small collapsible stroller for babies (large strollers can be checked in at the Copa Airlines check-in counters to be transported as luggage in the cargo hold of the airplane)
  • Coats or jackets
  • DVD players and cassette type video cameras (they must be removed from their cases and passed through the x-ray scanner before boarding
  • Hand bags, backpack
  • Laptop computers
  • Portable breathing devices (they must be removed from their cases and passed through the x-ray scanner before boarding)
  • Small items for personal entertainment
  • Umbrellas
  • Video game consoles (eg. Playstation®, X-box® or Nintendo®)
  • Wedding dress (provided it does not exceed the maximum dimensions mentioned above). It must be packed and properly stored in the compartments above the seats.**

** You may purchase an extra seat with the same fare as yours, provided you purchase both tickets at the same time. You will only be able to do this at our sales offices and Reservation Center. Remember that it must be properly packed and in such a way that it does not pose any risk to the rest of the passengers.

Copa Airlines allows for the storage, handling, and transportation of special aid devices for passengers with special needs in addition to the standard baggage allowance, as long as the passenger depends on them. These aid devices may include, although are not limited to, the following:

  • Crutches
  • Cushions
  • Orthopedic devices
  • Prosthesis
  • Wheel chairs and their batteries (in the case that they are used)
  • Walking canes
  • Walkers