Secure Flight information

1. What is Secure Flight? (Applies to USA and Puerto Rico)

Secure Flight is a system created to establish a uniform comparison with the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) watch list. These regulations apply to all passengers flying to and from the United States and Puerto Rico. The Secure Flight program’s mission is to improve security on international commercial flights by using a more advanced system for controling a watch list used to identify suspects of illegal activities that are trying to travel.

2. What must be kept in mind to comply with Secure Flight policies?

In order to comply with Secure Flight policies, when making a reservation on our web page, Call Center, CTO, or at Airports or Travel Agents, the following information must be provided, which must coincide with the information contained on your official ID (passport):

  • Full name (as it appears on your passport)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Redress Number (if it exists)

3. What is a Redress Number?

A Redress Number is a number assigned by the TSA to certain passengers whose names appear on Selectee or No-Fly lists (passengers with suspicious profiles). In “misidentified” cases (where the passenger’s name is similar to that of a person being sought by the TSA, but the passenger can prove they are not that person and that they simply have a similar name) they can apply for a redress number at the following internet address: which will help prevent misidentification on the watch lists in the future.

4. What date do Secure Flight policies apply from?

These regulations are strictly mandatory for all passengers travelling after July 27, 2010.

5. Privacy Protection for Secure Flight Passengers

One of Secure Flight’s basic principles is the privacy of individuals’ information. The TSA gathers the minimum amount of personal information necessary to perform an effective comparison with a watch list. Personal information is compiled, used, distributed, stored and discarded according to strict guidelines and all applicable privacy laws and regulations. For more information about the TSA’s Privacy Policy, visit