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Refund Policy

Before requesting a refund, it is important for you to know the conditions under which a refund may be requested.

  • The refund request depends on the fare rules for the ticket purchased. Completely used tickets are not refundable
  • If the ticket is not refundable, you may use it as a method of payment for a new ticket, which must be in the name of the same passenger as on the original ticket. Partially used tickets may or may not be refundable, depending on the rules of the purchased fare. For more information, see Fare Families.
  • Tickets may or may not be refundable, depending on the rate rules applicable to the tickets you purchased.
  • If the ticket is not refundable in cash, you may use it as payment for a new ticket. The new ticket should be under the same name as the original ticket.
  • Certain fees apply, including: Tickets can only be refunded in the country where the sale was made. The refund will be granted in the same form of payment and currency as the purchase.
  • The refund must be requested during the validity of the ticket.
  • A ticket refund may have some fees applied to the process like penalty indicated by the fare rule, airport taxes that don’t qualify to be refunded and taxes from each country that their refund is restricted.
  • Tickets that have more than one fare issued shall be governed by the most restrictive fare on the ticket.
  • In the event of the death of a customer, the refund will be granted to an immediate family member upon presentation of death certificate. The spouse, children (including adopted ones), parents and brother(s) or sister(s) account for immediate family.
  • In cases of illness, you must provide a letter from a doctor on letterhead stating that travel is contraindicated.
  • The time taken to pay a refund depends on the form of payment used to purchase the ticket.
  • Tickets for trips originating in Brazil and purchased in Brasilia through or from the telephone Reservation Center, and which are cancelled by the passenger within the framework allowed by law.
  • To request a refund for tickets purchased in Venezuela, please click here.

This request form is used only to refund tickets purchased through and our Reservation Center.

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