Copa Airlines first Boeing Next-Generation 737 with optimized engines complements the airline's efforts to reduce emissions

  • Engine improvements increase aircraft efficiency.
  • New aircraft acquisition highlights Copa's efforts to reduce emissions and fleet fuel consumption; complements the Panamanian airline's existing "green" initiatives.

Panama, August 23, 2011 -- Copa Airlines has taken delivery of its first Boeing Next-Generation 737 with optimized engines, strengthening the airline's commitment to improving the fuel efficiency of its fleet and protecting the environment by reducing emissions. The optimized aircraft engine will reduce fuel consumption by 2 percent.

The new engine design includes a modification in the high- and low-pressure turbines, which combined with aerodynamic improvements in the fuselage, contributes to better fuel efficiency in the Boeing Next-Generation 737.  Boeing has improved fuel efficiency of the NG 737 by 4 to 6 percent since the first airplane was delivered in 1998.  This outcome is the result of continuous investment in the 737 family, including the latest Performance Improvement Package, with specific results dependent on customer configuration.


The new aircraft complements Copa's other environmental initiatives, which include a fuel-saving ground-transportation program, an aircraft maintenance program, investment in new satellite-navigation technologies that optimize fuel consumption, and recycling initiatives in maintenance areas

In addition to its environmental impact, the new aircraft also features the innovative Boeing Sky Interior, which enhances passenger comfort through new lighting and curving architecture that create an inviting entry way and an open cabin.  Larger overhead stowage bins free space under the seats for added passenger comfort during the flight.


"Copa continues to invest in its fleet to increase efficiency and demonstrate our concern for the environment, as well as for customer satisfaction," said Daniel Gunn, Senior Vice President of Operations for Copa Airlines. "This aircraft meets all those objectives."


The aircraft delivery brings Copa Holding's (Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia) current Boeing NG 737 fleet to 42 aircraft. Copa will take delivery of five additional Boeing NG 737s with the same engine characteristics by the end of 2011.