Copa Airlines informs passengers of new travel requirements to/from the U.S. and Puerto Rico

"Secure Flight", new U.S. Transportation Security Administration regulation, requires passenger information.

Panama, June 30, 2010 -- Copa Airlines informs its customers of new U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements for passengers who travel to and from any destination in the United States and Puerto Rico.  Called "Secure Flight," the new program goes into effect July 27, 2010.  All passengers traveling to and from the U.S. and Puerto Rico must give their full name as it appears on their passport, their date of birth and their gender when they make a reservation or buy a ticket. This information, called "Secure Flight Passenger Data" (SFPD), must be sent to the U.S. authorities before the passenger's flight.


"Secure Flight," designed to improve security on domestic and international flights, authorizes government officials to keep a watch list.  The regulation is in effect for all airlines and for all types of tickets, including Reward tickets.


TSA will compile only the minimum personal information necessary to maintain the watch list.  By providing this information ahead of time, the majority of passengers will not notice any difference in their flight experience from before "Secure Flight" was implemented.  For more information about "Secure Flight" visit: