Apply for an upgrade on Business Class!

1. Please enter the following information.

Do not use punctuation marks. Use (N) instead of (Ñ).

2. Decide how much you would like to pay for an upgrade and select the amount.

3. Enter your credit card information.*

4. Verify the information and confirm your bid.

Completing the process is simple, secure and risk free!

When will you know if you have been upgraded?

You will be notified if your upgrade request was approved or rejected between 12 - 8 hours before your flight’s departure. In case your upgrade is not approved, there will be no charge.


* Payments may be made in US$ only.


This program does not affect the complimentary upgrades granted to ConnectMiles PreferMember. Only the remaining seats will be sold, after granting the complimentary upgrades to ConnectMiles PreferMember.