Travel insurance

Please be advised that from July 22, 2014 we will no longer offer travel insurance " Travel Shield by Chartis "; if you purchased your insurance before this date your policy remains valid under the original terms and conditions of purchase. To file a complaint, you must call Travel Guard to the following telephone numbers (5411) 4313 5836 o (5411) 5355 9001 or call the telephone number available in your country.

We remind you the details of the policy coverage:

Travel Shield by Chartis

The travel insurance provides protection to our customers in the following situations:

    • Medical assistance.
    • Lost baggage.
    • Trip interruption or cancellation.
    • Medical transport.


Level of coverage


Level of coverage


Travel Services

US$500 US$250

Lost baggage

US$1,000 US$500
US$500 US$150

Medical services

US$50,000 for accidental death

How to purchase the travel insurance

To purchase the travel insurance, you must reserve a flight on and select the travel insurance option on the payment information page. Purchase of travel insurance is available through our Colombia, Chile, Panama, Mexico and Other Countries portal.

Frequently asked questions

1. What does the Trip Interruption or Cancellation Policy cover?

The policy covers you in the case of unforeseen circumstances, delayed flights, delayed baggage, unexpected deaths (your own or a family member's), fire, or theft at your place of residence. The policy also provides coverage for bad weather, unexpected labor strikes affecting public transportation, and unexpected traffic accidents while en route to the airport.

2. What happens if I have to cancel my trip unexpectedly?

Only certain unexpected circumstances are covered. A list of these circumstances can be found in the coverage description.

3. When does the coverage begin?

The Trip Interruption and Cancellation Coverage and the Travel Medical Assistance begin the moment you purchase the insurance. The remaining policies go into effect after you have gone through customs at the airport.

4. How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, you must call the following Travel Guard telephone numbers: (5411) 4313 5836 or (5411) 5355 9001. These are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A representative will review your application, fill out the claims form and tell you what information is needed to process your claim. You will be sent the form by fax or e-mail, so that you may sign it, along with a list of the additional documents that are needed.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please call (5411) 4313 5836 or (5411) 5355 9001.

5. What do I do in case I need medical assistance?

Please contact the Travel Guard Assistance Center to the telephone number of the country you are calling from that is shown in your policy certificate or make an international collect call to (5411) 4313 5836. You can also email us at

Always remember to keep at hand your policy and certificate number.

6. How do I make an international collect call?

  1. Find the telephone number of the operator of the country you are located in.
  2. Call the operator and tell him/her you want to make a collect call to (5411) 4313 5836.
  3. Let the operator know to reverse the charges to the Assistance Center at (5411) 4313 5836.
  4. Wait on the line until the operator connects you with the Travel Guard Assistance Center.

7. How do I register myself at a medical facility and what insurance information should I provide?

If you are required to fill in patient admission forms, please complete using the following insurance information.

Company name Travel Guard Americas LLC
Address PO BOX 0852
Stevens Point, WI 54481-0852
Telephone number (5411) 4313 5836

8. What do I do if I have an emergency that does not allow me to contact the Assistance Center?

Seek immediate assistance through local emergency services (911 or similar). Once you are medically stable, contact the Assistance Center to report your incident. If you are required to pay for medical expenses, keep all invoices and medical reports to file a claim with us once you are back in your home country.

9. What do I do if I received medical services, paid for them and failed to report to the Assistance Center?

In this case you must keep the original invoice and medical records to then claim with Travel Guard and call the telephone numbers detailed in your certificate.

10. What do I do if I receive bills from a medical facility or physician for assistance services provided by Travel Guard?

In some medical facilities, in some parts of the world it is common for invoices to be sent both to the patient and the insurance company. If you receive such correspondence from a hospital, doctor or clinic, you should contact Travel Guard from anywhere in the world to (5411) 5354 4080 or to 877 552 6835 (US toll free). You can also email us at and one of our representatives  will contact you within 48 business hours.

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